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[2011/09/19 19:16:58] <morse> Ofcom screwed up my account registration ...not I have to ring them!?
[2011/09/19 19:17:03] <morse> ~s/not/now/
[2011/09/19 19:17:45] <morse> Its either a badly keyed database, or not transaction safe with some other system,
[2011/09/19 19:38:53] <craag> morse: I managed to create myself 2 logins last year, only one of which actually had an email address, and not the one linked to my license!
[2011/09/19 19:40:50] <craag> Emailing them can actually have more success, apparently their call centre doesn't have the power to edit/change anything.
[2011/09/19 20:19:04] <mike> Ofcom do seem to have a level of special all to themselves.
[2011/09/19 20:19:21] <mike> Or is that all government things that have that special level
[2011/09/19 20:19:48] <mike> Although if you make it through to the right person good things can happen
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