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[2011/09/17 15:38:10] <morse> outing this evening?
[2011/09/17 15:38:11] <morse> where/when?
[2011/09/17 15:42:08] <mike> I think Henry's gone to see if he can find Rebecca and see if she wants to join us
[2011/09/17 15:42:14] <mike> then any time.
[2011/09/17 15:42:38] <mike> I think we were half thinking on this side of the new forest.
[2011/09/17 15:43:20] <mike> There's no phil or Chris O
[2011/09/17 15:50:55] <morse> two cars, or just the one,
[2011/09/17 15:52:13] <mike> don't mind. We should all be able to get in my car
[2011/09/17 15:52:32] <morse> so possibly three or four of us,
[2011/09/17 15:53:01] <mike> that's what it seems like
[2011/09/17 16:02:36] <mike> sounds like just the tree of us.
[2011/09/17 16:03:33] <mike> do you want to go fairly soon.
[2011/09/17 16:09:29] <morse> whenever,
[2011/09/17 16:09:42] <morse> I need to nip to maplin to buy unpowered crystals,
[2011/09/17 16:09:46] <morse> ... which is unrelated ...
[2011/09/17 16:10:41] <mike> I'vr just got to load some kit and them im free to go
[2011/09/17 16:10:56] <mike> and then probably collect henry from zepler
[2011/09/17 16:11:03] <morse> 5pm, 6pm?
[2011/09/17 16:11:16] <morse> should we grab pizza or something simliar en-route
[2011/09/17 16:11:21] <morse> I remember being quite hungry last time!
[2011/09/17 16:11:50] <mike> I've got some tea and cuppa soup but pizza might be good
[2011/09/17 16:12:15] <mike> I'd probably go for earlier rather than later so we have some light to play with
[2011/09/17 16:12:21] <morse> okay, so 5pm?
[2011/09/17 16:12:30] <mike> ok
[2011/09/17 16:12:51] <morse> meet on campus, gower car park?
[2011/09/17 16:12:55] <mike> do you want me to pick you up somewhere ?
[2011/09/17 16:13:09] <mike> that's good with me.
[2011/09/17 16:13:34] <mike> I'll give Henry a call and see if he wants to stay in ECS or if he wants me to pick him up elsewhere
[2011/09/17 16:13:41] <morse> My Brother is working in 59, so I can probably pick him up on the way back,
[2011/09/17 16:13:55] * morse -> away for ~30mins
[2011/09/17 16:14:23] <mike> Henry's currently in 59 now anyway
[2011/09/17 16:56:45] <mike> I'm going to head towards the gower car park.
[2011/09/17 17:42:46] <Paul> woo. I have finished the foundation learning bit and done all the practical
[2011/09/17 17:42:55] <Paul> exam in 2 weeks then I'll have a liscense :)
[2011/09/17 20:59:19] <cmalton> well done Paul
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[2011/09/17 23:24:58] <mike> Well no contacts but we heard VK4TUX from Australia on 20m.
[2011/09/17 23:25:28] <mike> Unfortunately he was having long QSO's with people and we were getting a bit tred to keep trying in the pileup.
[2011/09/17 23:33:31] <craag> mike: wow, thats good!
[2011/09/17 23:36:59] <craag> what antenna did you use?
[2011/09/17 23:57:31] <mike> that was just with one of the whips I got with my 817 and a magmount on the car
[2011/09/17 23:58:07] <mike> the wire into the back of the tuner didn't seen to work that well for 20m. possibly because it was 2x10m lengths and possibly due to the height.
[2011/09/17 23:59:45] <mike> But in terms of DX I'm not sure you can do much better. Just a shame it was such a big pileup
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